About Me

Music has always been a part of my life. As a toddler I played air guitar.
In first grade I began taking guitar lessons.
While walking home from school, every step was a musical note in my mind.
When I was sixteen I snuck into my first Manhattan nightclub.
In college I learned audio editing and did marathon radio shows.
House music and beat mixing made sense to me and I still believe it can heal the world.

I am a wide-eyed vision kid from New Jersey who went for it full blast…no regrets…never looked back.

ALSO this story began in a time before the onslaught of “hey look at me I’m gonna live my life posting stuff on the Internet”

I know….”OHHH THE IRONY to put that on your website” But the truth is that for every picture I have there are 10,000 in my head and I have no idea how many pictures of my self I have never seen.
For every card or letter I can still find there are numerous fantastic experiences I have had the pleasure to enjoy.
I love to LIVE life, to stop and pull out a device to remember it has not been me all that often… Although a part of me wishes it had been. I did manage to take some pictures and…

NO REGRETS, besides


Worth Mentioning
In my music I try to capture the sounds and spirit of the wind propelling a boat across the open sea under a glowing full moon.

Also Worth Mentioning
I like to tell stories. I have many stories True stories about real people. Amazing people. This will be my forum to get these stories out. If you have a good one that we shared please remind me of it. I love to laugh.

Chris Cags

1998-Present Freelance DJ, Radio DJ, Composer, Producer, Record Label Owner, Model, Actor Owns record label RedBeard Records which is now a part of RedBeard Inc. Has acted in commercials, TV programs and movies both in the US and Europe as an actor, print model and voice over artist.

2009- Music Manager and Resident DJ SaSaZu Prague, Czech Republic Oversaw the creation, implementation, and continued operation of the musical components of the venue and it’s productions. Assisted in the production aspects of the opening of the venue. Produced all the radio promotions and commercials for the club and programmed the music being played through out the entire structure when a live dj was not present.

2008- Music Manager and Resident DJ Obcanska Plovarna, Prague, Czech Republic Created the musical feel of the venue by producing a 10 piece in house band that performed a variety of hit songs before the DJs took over. Produced all the radio promotions for the club and created over 300 hours of music mixes that were played in the venue when no DJ or band was present.

1999 Art Director/DJ Porto Kaleo, Italy Resident DJ and over saw the creation and execution of the entertainment staff’s duties and the designing and realization of an outdoor disco.

1994-1997 Radio DJ KSTN Stockton CA and Sailing Fanatic Held the afternoon drive slot on KSTN for a 10 month period in 1995 and again for 6 months in 1996, was a club DJ on the San Francisco Bay area house music scene. The rest of the time was spent on his 31’ trimaran sailboat in Central America.

1992-1994 Live 105 KITS San Francisco Worked as an on site promotions manager, production assistant and assisted the music director and voiced commercials. Gigged as a house music DJ on the West Coast dance scene during this time.

1991-1992 DJ and Animator Club Med, worked as a DJ and Animator at the Sandpiper and Sonora Bay resorts for Club Med.

1991 University of North Carolina Greensboro graduated with a BA in broadcast communications with a concentration in performance.